The Silent March


We ask, “What will effect change?”

The answer, “Silence.”

When a multitude of voices speak, no one is heard. People stop listening. They mistake competing voices for divisiveness. But with silence, we send a unified message.*

We are a varied and diverse group. Each of us marches with our unique intention, personal fears, and deeply felt anger. If we all speak at once, observers will only hear noise; they will not hear the message. They will hear only angst; they will not hear the issues. In silence, we cannot be dismissed as an angry mob, hysterical and illogical. In silence, we will focus our message. Silence compels attention.

The purpose of this march is to channel anger, fear, and desire into action. To funnel our collective energy into supporting, donating to, and volunteering with organizations that have a unified voice.

Yes, we are angry. Yes, we are scared. Yes, we want to enact change. That change does not come from screaming in the streets. It comes through making connections with individuals and organizations that are doing this work, and doing it well. The purpose of this march is to channel anger, fear, and desire into action. To funnel our collective energy into supporting, donating to, and volunteering with organizations that have a unified voice.

During the Womxn’s March on Seattle, our numbers will speak volumes. Our silence will be deafening.

The organizers respectfully request** that participants be silent until your group has passed the last speaker along the route. Then raise your collective voices and chant, sing, and shout all the way to Seattle Center.

For more information on march logistics, please go here.  To read more from the organizers about the silent march, please go here.

*Silent Marches have a long history as effective expressions of non-violent protest. One momentous Silent March was organized by the NAACP in 1917 to protest anti-black violence. In a reflective interview about the event, the President of the NAACP from 2008-2013, Benjamin Todd Jealous, explained:  “When tens of thousands of people march and chant, the focus is on the chant. When tens of thousands of people march and are silent, the focus is on the people. We wanted to make sure that the solemnness, the seriousness of the occasion, came through.”

** Silence is a request, and is by no means a requirement.  This is a free speech event, and participants are constitutionally allowed to say whatever they like.  Please join us.


Starting Location Update

Greetings from the organizers of The Womxn’s March on Seattle. We are listening to you.

The Womxn’s March on Seattle will take place on January 21, 2017. It will start at 10:00am and end at Seattle Center. We will march.

Many people have been rightfully wondering what the starting point of the march is and why we have yet to release this information. We are truly sorry for the delay and for causing confusion and frustration.

Shortly after official planning began, we started negotiations with the City of Seattle, Seattle Police Department, and other important civic and local groups. Throughout this process, we have tried to remain mindful and conscientious of the many people who will be involved in and impacted by this march.

We are organizing a momentous event. Because our march will start with a rally and feature speakers along the route, we need a stage, power, and audio visual equipment. For the comfort and safety of our attendees, we are also providing facilities, first aid, security and more. Our starting point needs to accommodate all these important factors…AND hold more than 50,000 people.

At this point, we have identified two options for starting places. They are within one mile of each other. Regardless of which option is chosen, we will follow the same route from either starting point and end at Seattle Center. Both routes are approximately 2-3 miles. We will have meetings with the City early this week to determine which of these locations will become the official starting place for this historic, inspiring event.

The minute we know, we will announce the starting point HERE on the website, Facebook, on our website, and to the press. We will do everything humanly possible to alert our dedicated, amazing participants to the rally point. We anxiously await, along with all of you, a consensus decision from the city of Seattle, SPD, and other local groups.

Thank you all and #SeaYouAtTheMarch

Eventbrite page goes live!

The Womxn’s March on Seattle now has an Eventbrite page!

Q: Why is there an Eventbrite page when there’s already a Facebook event?
A: Getting a headcount of marchers helps organizers prepare adequately and keep everyone safe. The Facebook event has helped up to a point, but there are two gaps:

1) A lot of march supporters aren’t on Facebook. Eventbrite gives non-Facebookers a way to say they’re coming.
2) Several large groups want to come. Eventbrite allows a group-leader to register up to 100 people at a time, which can’t be done with Facebook.

Q: What should I do with the link?
A: If you have already indicated you’re “going” on Facebook, you DO NOT need to register on Evenbrite.
If you want to invite people who aren’t on Facebook, share the Eventbrite link!
If you are bringing/want to invite a group and want to register for a lot of people at once, use/share the Eventbrite link!

Thank you all for your support and #SeaYouAtTheMarch