Senator Patty Murray stands with the Womxn’s March on Seattle

We are pleased to have the support of US Senator Patty Murray as we march for all marginalized people here locally in Seattle. We hope to see you at the rally before the march where you’ll have the opportunity to turn your passion into action by learning about nearly a hundred social justice organizations doing meaningful work in the greater Puget Sound and how you can get involved! We thank Senator Murray for her support #SeaYouAtTheMarch

The mission of the Womxn’s March on Seattle is to provide the resources necessary for people to connect with one another, become accomplices, and work towards equity and social justice in this country.

The organizers of the Womxn’s March on Seattle recognize that this march is a continuation of the work marginalized groups have been fighting for decades, and that this march will also serve as a catalyst for people to get more involved with those communities.