A Call for memories

Send to womxnsmarchseattle@gmail.com

Hello all you amazing, incredible, passionate, creative, phenomenal people! We’re all still recovering, resting, and processing the remarkable stories, experiences, and memories from yesterday. The organizers of the march would like to make a request while the memories are still fresh in everyone’s minds.

We are collecting PHOTOS, VIDEOS, and STORIES from the day to put up on here on the website: womxnsmarchseattle.wordpress.com. If you have pictures, video footage, or memories/stories from the day that you would like to share with the world, please email them to: womxnsmarchseattle@gmail.com

What were your favorite moments? Did you have an amazing conversation with a stranger? Did you march with your children and grandchildren? Did you see an amazing sign or costume? What moved and inspired you? How are you feeling today, after the fact? What actions do you want to take on next? Please share!

In your email, please include how you would like to be credited so that we can acknowledge the source of all these memories and images.

Look for a new page on the website later this week – everyone can share in the memories together.

And now… we sleep