Thank you!!!

The Womxn’s March on Seattle organizers would like to give a huge thank you to:

Judkins Park residents and business owners – for opening their neighborhood to the march

International District residents and business owners – for their warm welcome to the march

Bob Barnes and his crew – for tackling the AV needs of the rally speakers

Sal Ponce and IATSE Local 15 – for all their work on the AV for the rally and soapbox speakers

Yin Yu – for holding us accountable and speaking for those who couldn’t

Alyssa Byer, Nora Menkin, and Anna Hull – for going WAY above and beyond in ensuring the Seattle Center portion of the march went smoothly and safely

Chris Swenson and the OED events team – for proving support in getting the permit issued and for working with Metro to do an incredible job of transporting so many people on the day of the march

Karen Simpson, Lillian Simpson and Martha Peterson – for helping make hats

Ramon Villalovos and his security team – for helping to keep us safe

Liz and Tracey Steig – for the sticky dots

Elizabeth Clark – for office supplies

Medical volunteers – for being on call in the event of a medical need

Ham radio operators – for being on hand for communication needs

Casa Latina – for the use of their space for meetings

Seattle Center and staff – for allowing the march to disperse there, for for all their hours meeting and planning with the organizing team

Têt Festival – for their support in the Vietnamese community

Urban Artworks – for generously providing a space and supplies to the Art and Sign team

The Landing at Tyee – for opening its doors to the organizing team’s meetings

Seattle Children’s Theater – for opening its doors to the organizing team’s meetings, and for copiers

Starbucks – for donating coffee and snacks for volunteers, and for allowing families to use their stores and restrooms along the route

District 751 – for printing those beautiful posters 

Tom Douglas Restaurants – for donating water for participants

Georgetown Brewery – for donating water for participants

Cinerama – for opening their doors to breastfeeding mothers

FreemanXP – for the use of tables, chairs, and stanchions

Theo’s Chocolate – for donating chocolate for volunteers