Logos, posters, signs & crafts

On this page, you’ll find links to:
Download Womxn’s March on Seattle logos, and posters and flyers in multiple languages
Find out about Sign-making Parties
Get ideas for your own sign and get inspired
Learn more about Pussy Hats

A note on signs: The Womxn’s March on Seattle is a free speech event.  All participants are free to bring signs that say whatever they like.  The organizers ask that participants be mindful that this is a diverse and inclusive march.  Please refrain from hate speech or graphic imagery.  There will also be children present.

There are no restrictions on sign type.  Banners, posters, and signs on sticks are all ok.  It may be windy, making large banners or signs difficult to carry – smaller signage is recommended, as are signs that are waterproofed in the event of rain. The organizers do not recommend flags as they can be unwieldy and hinder other participants.


Downloadable posters and flyers

Click on the links below to download posters and flyers for the Womxn’s March on Seattle in several languages.




Sign-making Parties

The Art and Signage team are hosting 2-3 work parties each week for those interested in making signs, and are also hosting two puppet making workshops.  Event pages will be posted on Facebook at the Women March on Seattle Group.  The schedule is as follows:

Inscape Building – Urban Artworks studios – basement level
across from Uwajimaya / near 4th at Safeco field
815 Seattle Blvd S | Seattle WA 98134
Enter through front door. Scroll through directory to find “Urban Artworks” or dial “009.”

Work party:  Saturday, December 17 | 1-4pm
Work Party:  Monday, December 19 | 6-9pm
Work Party:  Thursday, January 5 | 5-8pm
Puppet-making Workshop:  Saturday, January 7 | 1-4pm
Work Party:  Monday, January 9 | 6-9pm
Work Party:  Thursday, January 12 | 5-8pm
Puppet-making Workshop:  Saturday, January 14 | 1-4pm
Work Party:  Monday, January 16 | 6-9pm – RSVP
Work Party:  Thursday, January 19 | 5-8pm – RSVP



If you need some ideas / inspiration for your own sign, here are some slogans that people have incorporated into their signs for the Womxn’s March on Seattle.

Stand up Speak out
The Future is Female (Feminine)
Hear Us Roar
Girls to the Front
No one is Free When Others are Oppressed
Equality Now
Black Lives Matter
Idle No More
Honor the Treaties
Laws Off Our Bodies
Equal Healthcare = Equal Rights
A Women’s Place is in the Revolution
Women United Against Oppression
LOVE in Your Outdoor Voice
Silence is Compliance
You Belong

You can check out more signs and slogans from around the world here.  Share pictures of the signs you make here.

Take a look at some of the signs that have been made at Seattle’s sign-making parties.  Photos taken by Aurea Astro.


Pussy Hat Project

The Womxn’s March on Seattle has no official organized effort to support the Pussy Hat Project in Seattle, but interested Marchers are encouraged to wear their Pussy Hats.  Those interested in supporting the Washington State Pussy Hat Project can do so here.