This is the most up-to-date information about the location and timing of the march.  The starting location has been finalized and is indicated below.
For general information and the map of key locations, click here
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For information about accessibility, resources for those with disabilities, and families, click here

General information

Date: January 21, 2017
Time: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Start: Judkins Park (2150 S Norman St, Seattle, WA 98144)
End: Seattle Center (400 Broad St, Seattle, WA 98109)


The starting location of Judkins Park was the result of several factors:  1) budget, 2) the need for a space that can accommodate 50,000-75,000 people, 3) availability on the day of, 4) approval of the city of Seattle.  While there are several locations that meet one or two of these criteria, Judkins Park is the only location that was approved by the city for the march.

Organizers are aware of the transportation challenges for Judkins Park, and are working to provide information to participants about transportation options.  For more transportation information, click here.


The route is approximately 3.6 miles long.

The route will be open, without blockades, for participants to enter or leave the march when they’d like.  For the safety of the participants, organizers request that you use the three designated access points along the route where participants can safely enter and exit with additional assistance.  Peaceful Marchers will be on hand throughout the march to escort people to these points.  See map above for location of these points.    

For information about parking and shuttles, go here.

For safety reasons, the route is not being released until shortly before the march.  Additionally, due to the variety of public events happening Inauguration Weekend, it is possible that the route will need to change last minute to accommodate other protests, sit-ins, and other rallies.




10 a.m. – Participants will begin descending on Judkins Park

Organizations from all over Seattle will be there with information on how to volunteer and support their work.  Participants will be greeted by Peaceful Marchers and Connectors who will help them find organizations to march with.  The organizations will be organized around the perimeter of the starting location, with banners to identify them.

10:30 am – The program will begin.

11:00 am – Instructions will be given for starting the march.

The first organization will begin to leave Judkins Park, then the second, etc. until the entire march has left Judkins Park.  The vision for this march was inspired by the silent marches of the Civil Rights Movement.  Participants are encouraged to display signs with powerful slogans, quotes,and art, and to link arms as we move along the route.

Soapbox speakers

At intervals long the route, soap-box Speakers will be located and will recite a poem, read a speech, or share information about an organization.

End of the march

Once participants have passed the last soapbox speaker, they are encouraged to chant and shout for the remaining distance, letting out all the energy, excitement, and passion that brought us together in the first place.

Arrival at Seattle Center

As participants enter Seattle Center, they will be greeted by live music.  Participants will be able to write down their intentions for future action on an art installation.  Volunteers will help guide participants to transportation.


ADA Access, information for those with diabilities, and family assistance

Organizers are working closely with King County Metro and disability advocates to ensure, as best as possible, that people with disabilities can attend the March.  We are also working to accommodate families and breastfeeding mothers.  More information is below.

There are three access points along the march route so that people who want to march for a portion of the route can join and leave the march safely.  These locations can be found here.

Manual wheelchairs are available for rent here:

Mobility assistance bus – There will be one bus for those who would like to join the rally but will not be able to walk the entire march route.  Ask the Connectors to direct you on the day of the march.

Breastfeeding mothers and families – There will be one bus for mothers who are breastfeeding or need assistance while on the route. Ask the Connectors to direct you on the day of the march.  Additionally, Starbucks has generously offered to let families and breastfeeding mothers use their stores to breastfeed and change diapers.

ADA Accessible shuttle – There will be one bus at each shuttle location that is an ADA accessible metro bus for those with disabilities or who need extra assistance, but did not have time to reserve a spot on the access buses. Please email us at womxnsmarchseattle.safety@gmail.com and we can then be sure your name is listed to then be on the shuttle bus.

Reserve ADA Access bus – Organizers have requested two ADA access buses for the day of the march.  You can reserve an access bus spot 3 days in advance here.  Please indicate that you are attending the march when you make your reservation.  If you are reserving a bus and need entry point locations, please see the information below.

For people with disabilities who need help getting to, traversing, or leaving the march, please email womxnsmarchseattle.safety@gmail.com

 People who want to support the marchers but cannot march themselves are welcome to join the rally portion (at 10:30), or cheer marchers at the end of the route (at Seattle Center).  There is not currently a designated location for seated supporters along the march route – but that will be available shortly before the march.