The Womxn’s March on Seattle is committed to supporting the organizations in Seattle that have been doing this work for years – pursuing equality, ensuring civil rights, combating poverty, educating children and adults, supporting immigrants, and providing affordable health care.  To that end, the march will put a tremendous number of volunteers into direct contact with organizations and groups that are making an impact in our communities.
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Represent an organization at the march

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Support a local organization

If you are interested in volunteering with or supporting organizations that are participating in the march, browse the categories below, or click here to scroll the entire list.  This list will grow and expand as more organizations confirm they will join the march.

Organizations that support and/or work for:

Organizations Participating in the March

Arts and Performance

Communities of Color

Environmental + Climate Issues

Faith Communities

Neighborhoods + Housing + Poverty + Food Justice

Immigrants + Regugees

Labor + Unions + Business

LGBTQIA+ Communities

Medical Needs + Community Health

Political  Issues + Voting Rights + Civil Rights + Veterans

Seniors + People with Disabilities

Womxn’s Issues + Domestic Violence + Reproductive Rights

Youth + Education