The Organizers

Read about the National organizers, Washington State organizers, and Seattle organizers below.

National Organizers

This march is in solidarity with marches happening all over the country and the world on the same day, January 21, 2017. The first march originated in Washington D.C., and that is where the national people are located.  To read the National March’s mission and learn more about their organizers, head over to the official Women’s March website.


Washington State Organizers

National organizers were overwhelmed with people from all over the country contacting them to set up a march in their own cities and states, so they began to find volunteers in each state to help coordinate local marches, work as an information hub, and help answer questions.  Washington State organizers are a group of volunteers from all over Washington State who are helping cities in Washington organize their marches.  Check out the Washington State mission statement, get more info, and click that you’re “attending” at the Washington State Facebook page.  You can also learn more about the other Washington State marches by going to the official Washington State Women’s March website.


Seattle Organizers

The Womxn’s March on Seattle is completely organized by volunteers.  We are womxn from the Greater Seattle Area, of many ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, faiths, and professions.  All of us are passionate about the mission of the Seattle march, and dedicated to supporting the communities and groups most impacted by the current political climate.

The organizers are listed in alphabetical order below, and their committees are in italics.

Ali L.Permitting, Logistics, and Safety

Charmaine S.Mistress of Ceremonies – Charmaine was involved in the early days of the Black Panther Party, created and managed a meal program during the height of the AIDS epidemic, organized and MC’d a national LGBTQ conference, and has led community meetings and national conferences as a member of the SGIUSA Buddhist community.  She was also the MC at the legislative convention, spoke at the 7th congressional convention, and was the team-lead support at the state convention.

Denise C.Social Media – Denise is gravely concerned that this country’s new leadership will not continue the important discussions required to acknowledge and tackle the nation’s entrenched white privilege, patriarchy, and racism. In her first social activism role with the Womxn’s March on Seattle, she has been able to channel her anger and fear into positive and meaningful work for a movement that has served to inspire us all. Using her passion for hope, love, and acceptance, combined with her professional program and project management skills, she will strive to help all those marginalized by this new administration.

Ebony M.Social Media – Ebony moved to Seattle three years ago to pursue a degree in cello performance.  In their time here, they have dedicated themselves to activist work including hosting silent protests, creating a People of Color union at their university, and now organizing for the Womxn’s March on Seattle.  They are dedicated to intersectionality and breaking down barriers of race and the gender binary.  They are also responsible for writing the mission statement for the Seattle march, ensuring that this march is placed in historical context and that the language is inclusive.

Erin F.Art & Signage – Erin has a background in atmospheric science, film, and arts. Her activism has been centered around the environment, but she sees issues of inequality, education, and oppression all interrelated. She is marching because we need to stand together and build a stronger, more just future for everyone. We start here at home with our neighbors.

Joy G.Volunteer Coordinator & Spokesperson – Joy has a background in biology, and is our spreadsheet guru and IT mastermind.  She is passionate about supporting gender and racial equality, addressing mass incarceration, and ensuring reproductive rights.  And Excel.  She’s very passionate about Excel.

Kate B.Youth Outreach – Kate has a background in non-profits and the arts. She has worked with youth in Baltimore, the Bronx, and Seattle to use art to express themselves, heal, and bring to light injustices. Originally from the Philadelphia-area, she has proudly called Seattle home for three years. She is marching because she believes the diversity of this country is what makes it great and rejects fear.

Keala A.Event – Keala has a background in art education and community programs. She is committed to working toward achieving some very simple propositions: there are no acceptable limits and there are no acceptable prejudices in the 21st century in our country.

Kristen M.Art & Signage – Kristen has a background in visual art and education. She is a public artist who manages public art projects for the City of Seattle. She believes that women’s rights are human rights.

Liberty H.Community  – Liberty’s background is in product design. She is marching because she believes that addressing racial and gender equity in this country is more important than ever.

Liisa S.Event – Liisa has a background in theater, dance, arts administration and production (and she loves a good spreadsheet). She believes that women’s rights are human rights.

Lisa P.Speaker Outreach- Lisa hails from (the original) Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY but has been in Seattle for the last 24 years. She has a background in science and health. Since age of 20 she has been active in organizing around social justice, equity and the environment. She is marching and organizing in hopes of converting as many marchers to activist as possible.

Liz HK.Travel and PR – Liz is a public relations professional who has worked for the University of Washington for the past six years. She is a member of the Junior League of Seattle, the arts group COLLECT Seattle, and a new mom. HRC will always be her hero.

Palmira F.Community Outreach – Palmira is a Latina living in Seattle for the last 14 years.  Her work in the non-profit sector with immigrant communities and the environment has cemented her passion for social justice, she is marching because there is no other time than now to act on behalf of justice for all, especially justice for women and families!

Paula G.Creator of Facebook Event – Paula is a birth advocate whose passion is in reproductive rights and social justice. She’s finishing a degree in women’s studies and human development.

Sandra B.Safety

Silvia G.Community Outreach – Silvia is a mother, domestic worker, community organizer and Latino immigrant at Casa Latina, a nonprofit organization working to empower Latino immigrants through economic and educational opportunities. She has been active in the Caring across Generations campaign in Seattle, working to transform the way we care in this country, enabling all of us to live and age with dignity and independence. She is also part of the “We belong together” campaign from the National Domestic Workers Alliance, that mobilizes women in support of common-sense immigration reform that will keep families together. She was one of the 100 women who walked 100-mile pilgrimage from a detention center in York County, Pennsylvania to Washington, DC carrying stories of immigrant suffering to the Pope with a message of human dignity.